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A tale of a Prince
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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
2:53 am
I need to stop time
So time is going faster than I want to for my senior year. Already its four weeks into it and I feel like its already over. Because my status of living off campus and with most alumni and working between 20-40 hours a week... I feel like alumni. Except more alone. Thats besides the point. There have been great highlights of these last few weeks and some unforgettable nights.(some highlights)

*Going to Vegas wit Aspect and Nicole.

*Sneaking into a chapel around 3 in the morning to take wedding pictures for future april fools jokes to the parents.

*Gambling on gigantic slot machines.

*Almost getting into an accident going somewhere around 95 miles per hour in a van that shouldn't bea ble to hit 80... Not my fault...

*Going to disneyland with Carlos was a huge plus, but I think I wrote that in my last blog.

*Trying to mix tennis with french...not working to well.

*I am learning how to write scripts and soon mine will be ready.

*Got nominated for Homecoming King...That could turn out to be interesting.

*Had P's 21st b-day at my house and it was incredible. Exactly how I thought he should have it. There were the favoirte drinks, hukkah, karokee, and tons of beautiful women.

* Learned to cook some new things... (women if you buy food and bring it over... I might just make it)

*I am completely settled in my house and am appreciating the netflix that arrives right on time. (Any suggestions for my next flix)

* Debating taking the GRE's

* Appreciating being on Sebatical, but miss having someone...

* Appreciating life and being sober. (It seems guys...that I have lost my taste for the booze and rarely have it now and then. Tear... I guess I ain't an alcoholic.)

*A few jew holidays coming up...Kinda scared to see the family again. I hope they don't bring up ex's and why I'm such a failure in life...I mean I guess I can respond with something like "The best way to learn is to fuck up."

*Erotic City is coming up and it will glorious. I'm thinking its October 8th and there will be a party at the Penns. 5 bucks which will include food, drinks, and maybe jello wrestling. VIP only though.

* I'm beginning to miss my old friends more and more and I hope I Can see them soon. I feel so nostalgic right now. God where is Humphrey Bogart when you need him.

*I feel that I'm at peace with myself finally, but I have to get over that lonely feeling. Besides that everything is groovy.

Okay and that was my rant about things that have been going on. As for this weekend...Well I'll be meeting a lot of alumni and hosting a booth for the Penns, which we consits of having people by candy from us and the proceeds will go to the victims of hurricane katrina. And now time for a power nap. Oh and yeah...hope all is well with everyone.


P.S. Life is full of meaningless activities, but hopefully I'll be able to find one that motivates me.
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
10:22 pm
What happened...
*I was told by a random bum on the street, who was trying to read

me....that I have no love in my life and I need to find what I lost... But I can't

seem to let it happen. So fuck... Its like I'm an easy book to read. Seriosly, I

don't know what to think anymore. How can i ignore what I feel and be happy with it.

Damn emotions and damn good natured personality.

Anywho the weekend went by too fast. First off on friday night we had a kickback at the house, which turned into a party and cops. The cops were cool though and didn't even give us a warning, but I bet they wanted to join us. I love our neighbors. Then the next day consisted me of having 2 hours of sleep and taking aspects all over L.A. and Hollywood. Oh and Rodeo drive is way too classy for me at any point of my life. (ramblings with no connections...priceless) I guess the highlight of that day was tralking to another bum who had his b-day and was extrmely happy we talked to him and sang him happy b-day. What other big events...In Hollywood I almost drove off a cliff, but I don't want to get into that. I hate that 15 person van. Later that night though, my friends from all over came to whittier and joined for our party at the school and I was all pimped out in my little suit. My brother would be proud. Then after some great food and music we hit up the house again for a private invite only party. It did suck turning people away, but I guess it makes a cooler factor to a party. Oh and the girls who were over were beautiful and I think we even have some usuals now that will never leave until four or five in the morning. (a few palmers)

As for today being Septermber 11th...Lets just say not a good day for me. A car backed in the van but no damage done to the van, but the poor stoned guy got his back of his car crushed. ANyway I need to study some french, so I'll cya all later.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
3:31 am
In the last few weeks:
I've gone to Universal Studios and tried out for Fear Factor again...didn't make it because of my cut on my hand. Did enjoy City walk a lot though and a lots changed to it in the last year.

Went to Santa Monica Beach and had a great time. Especially finidng a random CHinese food place.

Started to move everyhtng in my house and now my room is almost perfect.

Soon the house will be ready for the big party.

My mom is selling her house and we got one three times bigger. DOn't know why though. Its not like she needs it.

Had a great relationshp for two weeks, but then she had to go back home...SHe was by far the best suedo girlfriend I've hever had. Oh and I'll never forget the time I saved her and some girls from being harassed from these creepy guys, or when she got me sick, or how she built my bed for me. What a girl. I even taught her many things and I love teaching people how to bowl and she became a natural.

Had a whole lot of rootbeer and am told that Franks is better than Henry Weinarts...I just don't know about that one.

Had a big labor day party where I was being set up to date jewish girls...Weird people I say. Jewish moms that is.Always trying to push their daughters on someone.

Oh bonded with my dad some more and apparently he is looseing up a lot. Like he is okay that my brother is geting completyl trashed almost every night and that he uses my i.d. Maybe I helped by being such an extreme.

Got promoted I think... I help out with activities at Aspect, which is extremly tiring and I get a whole lot less of hours. Fun though and I get to decide what I do on the wekeends for trips and get payed sometimes for them.

Oh this is a big one...

The Beast died on me last tuesday on my drive down to Freds and hangint out with the friends. Scary shit...It went from 65 to no more then 25-30 for the longest times. Luckily Paton helped me out and I was able to push it to 40. Still took me four hours to get to my dads and not to mention getting lost in crenshaw was a blast... Fudgin scary suv guy...

Ummm... I guess thats it.

P.S> Helping my sis find a place to live.
Sunday, August 21st, 2005
5:45 pm
fear factor...
Before I talk about fear factor, I need to write down some of my ramblings of things that took place these last few days.

*First of all loosing control in a giant van is not cool.

*I just recently moved out of my apartment, which I miss a lot. I mean staying with Chrisitna, Vasthy, and Jon was a big highlight for me this summer. I'll miss those late night conversations, but hopefully Keving will be a good new roomate for you.

*Now because of P I live in his old apartment with Anne, Marshall, and Enrique. They are also great roomates, but I have been gone most of the time so I need to make it up to them.

* Went to a few kickbacks this last week and actualyl manage to go without drinking for a week. Sadly to say though, I have lost my taste for beer because of it. Oh well.

*So cause I lasted a week I am going to see if I can last until P's b-day, however if there is a really stressful day and I feel I need a shot to calm it down then I'll do just that.

*I hung out with Stu for a few hours today...Poor guy. I would hate to have my tounsils removed around this age. He can barely ate anything...

*Transitioning from a huge ass van known as the beast and my car is an expereinece I will never forget.

*Driving my boss' truck is a wonderful feeling... I might have mentioned that before. The feeling is too video game esk...like a grnad theft feeling.

Okay and now I'll talk about my long ass day on Saturday. The morning started at 8 for me and didn't end until 3 in the morning until the next day. Apparently I was asked to chaperone a group of tawainese kids to Universal Studios and I knew it would be good times. Especially because Todd was coming too. Well when I arrived to meet the group I realized I knew many of the aspects and thought it would be a group I could trust...Well I was wrong, but I'll get to that later. Anyway when we arrrive at Universal Studios I explained to the groups some meeting times and were we should meet and gave out myu number just in case...Then I said have fun and we all broke off. Of course Todd and me knew exactly what we were going to do. We saw a sing that said All you can eat in the park for 20 bucks...Yeah we jumped on that immediately and after every ride we wouyld eat. I do think we gained about five puinds each that day. Anyway, we hit up everything and had a blast especially laughing our asses out at Van Hesling. I mean seeing people sreaming is sometimes funnier then a joke. (thats not wrong is it) Anyway the day felt like it was going pretty slow until we hit up waterworld. Now that show is excellent and the writers were brilliant. Apparently the bad guyts are called the SMokers and offer people smokes. (hahaha) Besiudes that...Todd and I decided to liven things up and try out for fear factor. So the tryouts were itneresting and there 12 of us and half of us made it. As for why they picked me over Todd...I really have no clue. But the result was beautiful. I got to hang out with the only girl picked and she was roughly around my age and the other guys didn't have a chance. All I gotta say is I love aggressive girls.Anyway after we were all picked, they made us say something dumb in front of a camera and it was supposed to be why we should win. Of course saying "I'm hear to proove I'm not scared" is not enough, so I said soemthing dumb. Oh well...After being video taped they made us try on these fun tight spandex colors that looked like we were supposed to be on American gladiators and then it had a quick sudden change...They made us wear about 10 pounds of equipment, which Belthazar claimed looked like a giant sex toy. Well after we had much gay talk about ths uits we met the hosts and of course the host had to be named Adam and said don't let other adams down. That fucker...He put a lot of pressure on me. hahaha. Umm. So the first elimination round was breing relased from a platform 60 feet from the air and holding on a bar. Whichever 4 could hold on the longest moves on till the next round. Sadly the police guy fell after five seconds and the other guy after 20. SO of course the rest of could go on, but we really curious how long we could hold. I ended up lasting the second longest around a minute. Oh and my free fall to the ground was slightly embarrisising. I kinda di the peace sign with my hadns. I blame Aspect. SO the next round was fucking hard. We had to wear more gear and have our arms tide up a huge metal pole and spin around 20 times until we were relaeased. Well after 12 spins I tripped and felt horribly sick. BUt I contuinbed and got released about the same time as everyone else. Then we had to move across a moving stage and doge some obstacles and then grab flags from a tub of electic eels and then place them on a center revolving obstalce couyrse where ouyr certain number was. Yeah... So I wished I knew how to lock on the flags beecause it ook me awhile to figure that out. (they shoulda showed us how earlier...errrr.. . damn suprises) Well then after Igot one flag on I lost control and almost dive bombed off the set because of how slippery everything was. Yeah embarress myself in front of 2000 people was not my goal so it didn't happen. But next tiime I grabbed a flag I grabbed some eels and they shocked me. THose fuckers. It kinda put me back a bit and affter I got my flags finished with, we had to drink this horrible concocktion that the producers thought of...SOur milk, fish guts, meal worms, cockroaches, nuts, some more insects...Seemed great, but I was too slow to get over to it and the other two drank it and won. Oh well... At least Janielle got second. THe final opstacle was spinning a wheel which generated electicity and it was painful or so they told me. Anyway after the show we were all given a free soda (those bastards...thats all they gave us as a gift for contestants) but they did give first place, 6 tickets to the park, a shirt, and a front of a line pass fdor the rest of the day. Fun stuff. Yeah well after that I joined up with some of my group and thats when we really started to have a blast. Oh and then I met this french girl and she was great to ahng out with. Always laughing and smiling. I do wonder how much english she understood. Anyway she got sick when night hit so I gaver her my extra shirt... So yeah more good times and then I did one of those test your strentghs and hit a piece of metal with a hammer. It was one of those rigged things, but people did suck. As for me I had no cash, so I had to dance in front of 20 people to get to do it. hahahaha. Chappelle was wrong...WHite people can't dance. Then later there were problems. My group at the final meeting palce was missing four girls...Errr. I still have no clue where they were, but it was trouble. THe bus driver kept on wanting to leave and we did end up leaving 35 miunutes later then scheduled. The worst part was that some aspects spilled drinks on the bus and that made the bus driver steamed. Yeah, but good tiems and then we got back around 10:30 and just waited it out until eveyrone left. When everyone left Todd and I took the french girl home and then decided it was time to celebrate the night with a bottle of 2.50 champagane. hahaha. THis included seeing Enemy at the Gates. Oh and I did buy TOdd a handle of booze for helping me out. SO yeah all and all a long day and hopefully I'll be having another fun day like it before school starts. As for dumb drama about my house in whittier...So the people have been evicted and should have left and at the latest by mondaym but these hilbillies think if they go to court they can stay longer. Oh those fuckers. This might change me not being able to move in on the first. If this happens I hope Todd, Bobby, and Jenny won't mind letting me crash at their place for a few days. Okay that is all.


P.S. Today was a relaxing day.
Monday, August 15th, 2005
1:09 am
I honestly don't remember what has happened in a chronological order these last few weeks and I don't care. I do care that summer is about to end and I still haven't written a script yet. Well I guess that means next weekend I will not see the outside world and hopefully have something to show for it. As for updates, I'll just briefly write down what I can remember...

*Went to San Diego to hang and had great times.

*Discovered that in San Diego, girls who have
boyfriends and are walking with them, apparently don't mind yelling out to a complete stranger that they are hot or they might just grab your butt.

*Attempted to give up drinking and am two days strong. Hahahah

*Finished my internship and they wrote me a letter saying how excellenet I was working for them...Sadly though they didn't offer me a job off the bat, so I think I'll just ask for one.

*Went to a couple baseball games and found it extremely amusing to see drunk old men betting on the most random of things. For instance betting on how many balls a pitcher will throw or how good looking a girl is.

*Saw a man destroy 41000 peoples lives by grabbing the beach ball and then instead of passing it around...stabbed it with a fork and stood up in his glory...

* Stayed at the coolest hotel in all of L.A. and to some it is known as the Westin. All I can say is I loved the view and the elevators were amazing.

*Had a couple kickback at Toms and enjoyed every moment of them.

*Played Conquers bad fur day again...Beautiful! Just beautiful.

*Ate something that P cooked... Yes interesting...

*Had an allergic reaction to cocunut which made me brake out, but I'm all good now. I guess that prooves it ain't mental.

* Celebrated a few goodbye parties for friends leaving to different areas for college or new life experiences.

*Am now the new CI for this next week for the Aspects...Or so I've been told.

*I think I'm beginning to like cats...well maybe just Matt.

* I love my boss and my other one loves having another guy in the office. Seriosuly we talk about the most random shit and bonding over stories.

*Tried to think about dating again...Then I realized its still to hard, but then again i do like the single life.

*I have a new friend who is kind of like a domintrax and I love her stories.

*I failed to develop a perfect way to have hukkah. Usually something always goes wrong.

*I don't get to move into my house for awhile, so I might need to crash somewhere for a few days between the 1st and the fifth.

*My dad today finally realized I wasn't a failure in life and is helping me with tutition this year.

*The college wanted to pay more money to me to attend the school...

*I reallly would love to take some black and white photos again. That and bowl with some good friends. I think I miss that the most this summer.

*Sorta scared of my senior year and not being prepared for the real world...Eh I got year.

*My brother is turning into a manipulative guy and I don't know if its a bad thing for him or not.

*A friend reminded me of my old penny tradition...

*This summer had no real bonfires, so I think at the end of this month I want to throw one to make up it. *Drove up PCH and love it.

*Aspect students stole my tennis rackets. (I just felt like saying it...those bastards)

*Found out that most the people I meet from Santa Barbara only talk about sex and booze.

*I'm moving all my stuff out of storage in less then 12 hours.

*I have a secret desire to be captured for a day and taken away from my thoughts of reality and feel what its like to dream again.

*My dogs are weird...They pee out of excitement just when I walk into the house.

*Got lost in a community with Christina and I felt like Christina and myself were stuck in an old T.V. show like land of the lost.

*Did a few movie marathons of classic films with the roomies.

* Jumped in the Arbor Ridge pool around 3 in the morning with a few friends and had a blast. (oh and I realized I really need help with singing lessons)

* What rhymes with awesome? hahahah

*I think P is my best friend at Whittier and we think way too similar some times. Kinda cool

* I miss the old times with a lot of old friends. I mean its hard keeping track with everyone so if It has been awhile and we are out of touch...please let me know and I'll make more of an effort.

*Went to the Hustler in San Diego and showed some girls around like I was a tour guide. (really weird...Oh and some lady kept on trying to get us to buy sex games)

*Oh I crashed a car at 2 mph and thank god nothing happened to it.

*Rootbeer Kegs are fantastic and I think I'd like another.

*I need to start saving money and go out less...Something tells me this will take longer than my ability to stop drinking.

*Peter Pipers Pizza is really a great deal.

*Okay and on a last note: I think either I'm going crazy or something is stealing my clothes or stuff in the apartment I'm staying at. For instance the remote control for the T.V. dissapeared as well as two jeans of mine and a few shirts.

*And that is all I can remember... I know a whole lot more stuff happened, but I just need people to remind me.

-That is all.
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
2:10 am
The word of the day is "random"
Okay well today was bizarre in the sense that everywhere I went I kept running into people I used to know or still know. Fisrt off I'll start with lunch. I was craving good old veggie bistro and ran into Payton and Alicia. Good times. Then it was to school for me to settle with my new job and then i ran into P and hung out with him for a bit. Then came work and I ran into a few people around the school as a result of it. Oh and I saw Kevin and Tom randomly as well. (can you sense the pattern?)

Then to go on with the madness...after dodgeball I went to chill for a bit at a bar and then hit up another near my house back home. Now every tuesday is Freds night with the guys and this time I ran into one of my oldest crushes and she was still beautiful. She would have joined my table too, if it were not for the fact that her friends were beyond trashed and she herself was mildly buzzed. Well that was too bad. But the rest of the night went well with running into more people from highschool. It was weird...Felt like a reunion of sort. Especially at the next bar. Hennesies I think. Well there we ran into an old friend of mine and man what a crazy life he led. He is 21 and already he was hanging with the wrong crowd, went to jail, got bail for 90,000, does action tricks on bikes in movies or in front of crowds for fun, and is soon to be married. I mean before all that we used to just bond over history...i guess we continually change from what we were to something new constantly. It does suck with women in this perspective. I mean what you could have loved or liked in the past can end up hideously wrong in the present or close future.

Anyway the highlight was walking back with Don and these two drunk girls confronted us and went on about how hot we are and how we have great neckleces. Yeah it took me a moment, but I remembered that they were these two girls from my gym class along time ago that constantly did weed and had no real desires to succeed in life. But yeah it was a complement and they still were beautiful.

As for the rest of whats going on in my life I can sum it up...

Went to my dads where my brother told my dad I crashed my car and that I hit on a girl my brother claimed. Hhahahah. lies of course

Spent a whole night chillin and wathcing movies. Then tried skipping rocks at the beach early ass in the morning.

Got a job at aspect and am now going to stay with Christina, Vsty, Jon, and that other guys until my house is ready.

Wedding Crashers is an unbelievably movie. Tears...

Dodgeball is still glorious times.

Went to Santa Monica and the owner remembered me and I got a waiter to drink with me. Kinda cool.

Thought of new ways to polish up my script before actually attempting to write it.

Two more days left on my internship.

Cranberry and vodka is the worst drink I have ever had.

Trying to smoke hukkah in a room in turner was great.

Still don't have the heart to date, but hanging out is always interesting.

Attempted to cook and make food for some people..then had a wine taste testing.

Smoking Hukkah at the parks with beautiful views.

I love spas.

And that is all.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
8:21 pm
harry potter ness
So the new book that came out was dissapointing at first with all that dumb teenage drama, but as it got going i must say it was not what i expected.

Monday, July 18th, 2005
4:30 am
The Recap part 2 (Vegas trip)
Okay I will just touch on the highlights...

Got to Vegas in five hours.

First thing I did with my mom was have a drink. (she then kept buying me more and more...It was weird being sober still in front of my drunken mom) She then questioned my tolerence and I told her I used to drink a lot.

Immediately bet 20 bucks ion blackjack and won 100. Then lost it all at a richj table putting a 100 down and having 20 showing... Fuckin dealer with 21.

Bought a new pair of dress shoes and went to a card shop which was really a sex shop. Oh yeah and my mom came with me. Kinda embarssing.

Met up with family that I haven't seen in awhile and head cousins show me around vegas the vip ways. (priceless)

Stayed at the Bellagio and had a great time renting a Cabana which is your own private tent with goodies; tv, sofa, food, fridge, personal waiters.

Met some nice people from Seattle and got a darker tan in that 118 degree heat.

Read another Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book in the saga.

Went clubbing to five or more clubs on the strip and went bar hopping. Oh and for everyones info...Coyote Ugly is horrible. A bunch of women on top of bars doing choregraphed dance moves over and over again.

Went to an Improv show where an Asian women made rascists comments and picked on Jews a lot. Then a fat comedian went on next and used his weight as a humor. Oh and before the show my cousins won 300 dollars each at craps, which i could have won if I came too, but my mom wanted me to play poker with her. Errrr

Oh Vip at the Hardrock Hotel for the dance club was awesome. Because my cousins new somebody who had a tabel we got in free without cover and were given grey goose shots. Crazy club...too bad I couldn't move around to enjoy it. Best club though was "Light." It was remarakble to me because it reminded me how many gold diggers there are in vegas. Oh and of course having a girl spill some of her drink on you while dancing and then pass out on you is always a great memory. I hope her friend took her either to their room or a hospital.

Oh we always ate out at nice places and we even had a restaurant close down early so they can handle our group privately.

I guess that was the highlight of my trip. The worst part was the six and some hour drive back while reading a book.


P.S. My friend Matt is in town from San Diego and we had an awesome time tonight. Oh and its Chad's b-day, so if you see him wish the guy a happy b-day.

P.S.S. I felt very spoiled this last week. I am sure that will soon change. Oh and I bought the new harry potter book and I will be filming a tv show tomorrow.
4:12 am
The Recap part 1 (my brother's party)
To begin my story I will begin with my brothers b-day. July 12th I drove on up to wish my brother a great b-day and my plan was to make sure it was memorable. Well I can say mission accomplished. First off as a gift I gave him my old id, so now he can go to bars and clubs a little early. (Steve I hope you love it) Ayway, I pick my brother up around 3 and we head to the mall with another of his friends known as Will by few and others as that black guy with game. So we go to the mall orginally to get these two sunglasses, but I wanted to check out the 20-70 percent off sale at express. Now when we walked in it was like it was meant to be. THe plans changed and the new goal was to get everyone dressed up in pimp outfits. At first I got the guys to try on some things, but then I found an unbelievable sports jacket that was priced around 250 and I got it for 60 bucks. Yeop good times. So after trying on some clothes the next goal was to get girls to come to my brothers after party and me being a good older brother tried his best at this. So i flirted with girl who worked at express, yet it turned out she was engaged, but after I had a 20 minute conversation with her about marriage with an actor... I might have changed her mind, which was a common theme for that night.

Okay the next step was getting ready for BJ's. Now here we were joined up Shiela and a few others, but the goal was still to try and get Steve a girl. So as we walk in I see a girl outside bored out of her mine and I ask her if she wants to join us at the bar. She ends up bringing her friend and Will and I tried our best at getting Steven a chance with these two women...Yet they are Pepperdine grad students with their third year into law. On the plus side I got their number and had an excellent time discussing entertainment law. Oh and I guessed where they were from by their looks and I got it right. It was one of those Hitch moments.

Next up was a table of four girls near us and that was a simple gesture of going by and inviting them to the afterparty. They looked bored and I thought they would surely come.

After that was the most interesting part...There was a couple across from us where they didn't look happy at all and the girl kept looking at our table. So when the guy left her for awhile she smiled at me and I came over. At first it was a good conversation about boredom, but then she went on about how she is having a bad realtionship with her guy. I suggested her to take a break and see what else is out and about.It gave her some confidence I guess. Anyway right before she was going to get my number her guy came over and I had to play it real cool. My first instinct was to invite them over to our table for shots and it worked. The guy ignored my invite and one minute later looked at us. Actualyl they both wouldn't stop looking over and then the guy started to cry. Yeah there is more, but its boring.

The last of the girls I tried to push my brother out too was this waitress and her friend. They got off work and I invited them over. So they had my cell and it seemed like it was a promising night. However, my phone kinda died on me a few times and I got no messages. Oh well. We still had a great time at the afterparty.

At my dads we met up with some friends and for some reason one of Steven's friends claims their was someone in the house. Yeah it cause some panic and we all drove up the hill to call Steven's cop friend Sirus. As for me I was thinking what we could do to help us out. So I thought if we blocked off the driveway with trashcans it would slow them down. Then after that I was like fuck I'm going down and Will came too. Sure it probably wasn't the best choice, but at the time i was afraid something bad might happen to my car. Okay well a few steps down and we see people running out of the house and Will backs off and someone yelled at them "get the gun." At that point I figured it was a suprise party for Steven and I wasn't scared of the intruders. In fact I ran down and embraced them and got some laughs. Then came the massive drinking and the teaching of drinking games.

Now we played beer pong which with bad cheap bear taste is horrible. (Never again will I drink Corona light) Then after we all got into some more drunken stomberness my brothers friend brings out the absinith. Which was interesting to have, until my brother spilled some on my leg and "accidently" lit me on fire. Yeah good times.

The night then ended with a whole day of recovering and getting ready to go to vegas with my family.
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
1:52 am
This last week has gone by in a huge blur and I blame my lack of sleep. I do know though that I've had crazy ass dreams lately. Like I was craving Rasin Brand cereal, so I dreamt about buying it with P's roomate Marshel. Strange huh? Oh and there was a dream about my house in whittier that I'm moving in on August 15th. In the dream Yo needed someone to stay for a week. Yeah so randomness. And to end my ramble of randomosity I realized what my perfect hell would involve. It would be me doing my daily activitites, yet having little kids screaming constantly. Like the sound of nails on a chalk board.

Okay so enough of that. Since my last update I haven't done too much except I found out what WTT means. For my internship I helped with the World Tennis Tournament twice this last week. The first day was last thursday and Anna Kournakova was around for it. I must say her photos do not do her justice. She really is a goddess and nice too. However, I did not care for her. I did try to be a wing man to one of my fellow co workers, but that failed. It was for shits and giggles anyway. The real story from the tennis matches was what happened today. I got court seating again and sat next to Anastatia Rodiova. A beautiful blonde hotty from Germany around 22. She played an excellent game today and I thought what the hell. I was going to ask this celebrity out and if she refused oh well. The funny thing was she kept giving me the eye or so I thought. Anyway after the match was over she came over to me. It was one of those holy moments like in big fish where the main character sees the girl who is instantly in love with and wants to marry, but with me It was more of I can't believe this is actually happening. Anyway we started talking and I realized she barely knows any english and it was hard having a conversation with her. We did basically talk about Cox 3 and how she wants us to tape more of her performances. And she wanted to know if I would be around more. So thats when I gave her a piece of chocoalte that was in my pocket and I asked her if she wanted to take a break of all this and get some cocoa. Her reply was what is hot cocoa. Hmmm. Yeah basically it ended at that because some hotty mc hot tennis pro was done signing autographs and he came by. People called him the Brad Pitt of tennis and that means I had no chance. Yeah once she saw him she started jumping up and down and ran towards him. Oh and for the record she is single. Yeah on another note tennis players grunt extremly loud and having music while someone plays tennis is kinda cool.

Besides the matches I've hung out in whittier a lot lately. There were many trips to the college pool where I learned I still have good lungs, yet am still no where as fast as I used to be with my freestyle. Oh and then there was the trip to Manhanttan beach, which turned out to be Hermosa because I got lost. Now this beach is nice, but polluted. SO if you like not going in water I do reccomend it. The best party about that day was throwing the girls in the water with P and then failing to dodge P's ramming speed which knocked me in the water.

What next... Oh yeah fantastic four was not as good as I thought it would be. I mean see it for Jessica Alba, but don't see it for a plot. What else...Dodgeball last week was wonderful and I am sad to say I might actually miss this upcoming one because of my brothers b-day. Who knows I might be able to convice him to come out and play.

Oh there was a good night at P's place two nights ago. It was good Lord of the Rings Marathon with some mild drinking. Of course we all drank a little much, which resulted in me actually going to sleep before midnight.

And lastly I wanted to say happy b-day to a few people. To my brother Steve I hope you enjoy being 20. To my big bro (aokp) darkmeat, I hope you are enjoying being old. To my old friend Adam Witten happy late b-day. Oh and T Ma too. That is all.


P.S. I'm leaving to Vegas again the 14-16, so if any of you are in the are let me know and I'll try to make sure we spend some time together.
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
5:02 am
So this is what happened....

Since my penn brother David flew into the airport and came to California to celebrate his last few days before going to China, we did amazing stuff.

*We hit up a random bourlesque show in hollywood near Melrose. It was different and the women who were dancing stripped and showed those sparkley thingys around their breast. At this place I tried helping David succeed with a girl, but failed because she was a bitch to him. Then later me and another Adam got hit on by a incredible intellgent women. She had a boyfriend with her and her two girl friends, but she knew she could not entertain her friends...So she pulled us over to talk to them and they bought us a couple drinks. Later we slowly crept away and I defintely got hit on by a gay guy or if the lines "do you work out" or "do you come here often" or "can I get you a drink" count. Oh and that one Asain girl I helped with for David made a big deal about how she only attracts the gay guys. Yeah well she got what was coming. She had a case of beer goggles and grabbed a fat old guy to cling to.

*Then afterwards we went to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which is a beautiful display of dealing with the anxieties of relationships. :) Yeah and then it was a final trip to Todai and off to Vegas. The trip took 4 and some hours to arrive and only three back. When we arrived at this lovely strip we got their early and decided to walk the whole strip and every hotel. Yeah big mistake. It took us about five hours and we got lost for a bit. On the bright side I kicked ass at black jack and sucked monkeyballs at sluts. Oh and a strange thing was I never got carded and people can buy booze in Vegas any time and carry them in public. Weird, but cool. Anyway the night was awesome and the next was better. It was the day of the Weezer/ Red Hot Chilli Peppers Concert and after eating a crazy buffet we deicded to get drunk/high before the show. Of course I don't get high because I think it makes me bleed, but the drunkeness of Vox, which I got a great deal on was great. The sad part of the day was arriving at the show. It took us 3 hours to move one mile. Fuckin A and we missed some of Weezer. The good side of it was we thought this couple in front of us were tottaly getting it on and gave us a show. Oh a dirty one too. Naw I kid it really wasn't that bad. As for the concert we were around 50,000 people and somehow worked our way up to the first 10,000 section. We were the closest that the cops would let us because we came to late to fill the first section. Errrr.... Well after an amzing and breathaking concert there was a massive firework show which lasted forever. However, having my drunkeness wear off at that point I realized that the fireworks were launched too close to us and we had a rain of ash and smoke everywhere. It felt like a hige open gas chamber.

Lets see whats next... Oh yeah and tehn was July fourth. My parents deicded to throw a bbq for me and not nearly as much people showed as I would have liked, but I had somewhere around 10. It was a chance for a kcikback and some drinks with the parents. Kinda interesting sharing a beer with your mom. Then it was off to Brians house for a mad 12 hours strait drunken orgy. Hahahahah. Once we arrived it was non stop drinking andt I think I ended with 20 beers, five shots, and some margarita shit. Luckily for me I spanded my drinks out and wasn't drunk. It was more like a big buzz because it added to my Smash skills and card skills amongst everyone. Then around 9 ish when fireworks were going off, we decided to hav our own little show. This show lasted three minutes and then fire marshalls showed up at the house and we had to hide the goods. Luckily Brian was able to talk his drunk ass out of getting everyone in trouble. Then it was more drinking, games, and spreading the words of Ka Kah. Now if any of you want to learn what that means just ask.

As for today I received a killer sunburn for passing out on the beach with some friends and we all woke up and rolled over after an hour. Yeah no pain, but I'm redder than usual. After the beach was a fantastic game of dodgeball and a gift to the aspects of my DDR. Hopefully it will be in good hands. Then it was off to Sean Morris' for his b-day celebration. After that I hit up a bar known as Freds back home. It was an awesome time because on the fifth of every month waitresses can drink withthe customers, so i had oiur waitress buy me tons of drinks.It was a blast, but I arrived kinda late. Aaron, Scott, and Greg were kinda fucked up, yet we all had fun. We even ran into some old highschool aquantiences and bought them a drink for their b-day. THen the night ended with a competition between Aaron and Greg about get a girls number. They both got it, yet GTreg one because of his superior soberness at the time (this quickly changed). Then after Freds and being told to come back by everyone who works at it...We were kinda thrown out. Mostly cuz of the guys drunkenss. So being the most sober one I took them to Harbor House and thats when things went down hill. I'll just add their was a lot of party fouls that night. Luckily it ended with them being sober enough to chill at Aarons. Oh and now in four hours I have to go to my internship. I love avoiding sleep sometimes...Well maybe only while I'm drinking. Oh and the goal is to stop drinking as much still so I think only tuesdays and sometiems a cup of wine.


P.S. Oh and July3rd consisted of finding a way to relax from Vegas so P and me chilled at the Pool at the school and then saw Anchor Man. It really is a breathtaking movie. Hiya.
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
10:11 am
Holden Caulfield moments....
I need someone to catch me right now.

I woule love to play someone checkers and not move my back row.

I would love it if my family thought I wasn't crazy.

I did have some grey hair when I was sixteen.

I would love to take a subway and get far far away.

I would love to have been allowed to see my step sister leave.

I would love to get into a fight and actually win. (not really... I do hate fighting, but if I had to fight then yeah I would like to win)

Anyway for some reason my family think I have problems. Apparently I have to go to a course in Canada or something. Well at least I can actually get Mehreen out of the country now. But yeah it all started with me missing a bar mitzvah on July 2 of my step cousin to some degree. Of course I was never given the exact date, but telling your father he was wrong with informing you is not right either. In fact nothing I do is right in my fathers eyes and I don't care anymore. His whole goal for me was to be happy. Well July 1st and 2nd I have plans that will makemy summer. I'm going to Veegas with lots of great friends and enjoying what it means to be escape reality. Of course me going is hurting my father But this little rant of mine is not over. Today is my fatehrs b-day and last night I said I would come over with him for a snack and relax with for bit because there was a small early b-day party that a few family members put together Of course while this happenes the people I house sit are three hours late and by the tiume I call my dad he says don't even bother coming over. You dissapointed me. Confucious would probably smack me for not making it to my dads. SOmething about dishonirng the family. But I think he would also smack my dad because it should be easy to forgive family. Anyway this is where the story gets good...

So I grabbed my Weezer friend and took her to Wal Mart at 10:55, right before it clsoed. To buy some gifts. We were rushed though and had not time. It was at Rite Aid where we got an idea (mostly her) to drive to My dads house and put tons of flowers around the house and a card. Yeah that would have been a tad expensive, but I was going to do it. Instead we got ttons of baloons and some flowers and in the middle of all that we placed a huige b-day card with poems, and a stuft bear all on his car.Oh and then the drive back we took PCH and marvled at the ocean and the stars. It was a beautiful night except extremly cold. THen on the drive just past Santa Monica I found the way back to the freeway and took Christina home. Sadly it was 3:20 and I was beat, but I needed to get to my moms to sleep. Luckily I only dozzed off once for a second. Thank God for my quick ninja like reflexes. Hmmmm. And then an hour ago my mom wakes me and has a fight with me about why I'm not at my fathers. Then she hears what I had to say and calls him. THe response my dad gave my mom about the present I left him was that I was a jerk and need help. SO all an all a great night. Really!!! THis is why I can't wait to ahve my place in August to live. It seems like its so far away though. As for if I'm crazy or not... I know too much about psychology to ever think so, but I do think my parents need to go. I mean they used to and if they won't listen to me as an adult then they should learn to listen to their innerselves or something and stop watching all these carppy new drama shows about how the youth is represented. .. That is all.

Saturday, June 25th, 2005
2:50 pm
Random trip
Well today I went to the Buddhist temple up near Hacienda and Colima. From the first minute I stepped up the ramp to the temple I felt like I was in a whole different world. I guess thats my fault for coming at an interesting time. For starters there was a wedding going on and a lot of people were dressed up. There were also some hard core buddhist people who shaved their heads and wore robes. They were fun to listen to. But the highlight of the trip was when I was looking for a way up to find the gift shop or at least more of the temple and then someone came to help me. The old guy was awesome and he even walked me to the temple. Well after awhile I didn't feel like a tourist anymore and started talking to these people. They helped me understand a few statues and what hitting the bell with a coin is all about. Sadly to say I didn't hit the bell so I did not increase my merit, wealth, or good fortune. As for the five dollar all you can eat veggie buffet...Yeah it was alright, but don't have the soup. It tasted like beer that was sitting out for a few days. Kinda of like Millers High Life or cheap Champagne. Anyway the random trip was great becasue it was a truly beautiful and quiet place. Just sititng and relaxing for five minutes alone made me want to convert. Yeah I think I'm going to miss that about the house I'm wathicng too. Its soo peaceful and relaxing. I'm sure when i'm old I'd like a place just like it or somewhere over looking the sound of the waves from the ocean. Okay that was all really. Now its time to go watch Shaun of the Dead and then go for a little run.


P.S. Anyone have a suggestion on a gift for your dad for his b-day
1:32 am
My 20 commandments on relationships
What I’ve learned for a relationship to work:

Don’t see each other more than 4 days a week

Never call more than 3 days a week (balanced)

Make sure her friends like you

Make sure she gets approved

No more than 1 day a week eating out at fancy place

Make sure we have separate friends

Make sure one day a week is guys night/ girls night (bros before hoes)

Make sure its two sided

Make sure to communicate if they are too clingy

Never hold anything back and be open

Give them the benefit of the doubt

Never date a girl that smokes or does drugs

Never date a pessimistic

Stay away from the word love unless for sure many months

School comes first

Must be able to drive and have a car

Cheating is not forgivable

Don’t be friends afterwards (unless it was a mutual break up)

Asshole/ Be confident (be humble) They need to be appreciative

Switch off on taking out and who pays. (date ideas)
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
10:07 am
A dream I can finally remember
Well I was having one of those Ferris Bueller dreams. It was me and my brother and we were trying to gamble at a casino. And out of all the casiono's we went to the classiest one. Anyway we tried pulling off that we were twins and the owner Chevey Chase wouldn't believe us. We didn't care what he hthought htough, so we played cards with some rich people and took their money, Oh and we were extremly under dressed. Well After one hand of cards Chevy Chase decides he wants to kicks us out and thats when I bust out my gold 100 gb usb storage device. Which he stelas from me and says no you are not rich enough to own this. Then he runs outside with it and breaks it. In Chase's rant we stole a few room keys to the hotel and I decided to hide downstairs next to the exti and steve ran up stairs with etea keys. The plan was to trick Checy into thinking we botrh rean up stairs and then we'd jump hjim and kick his ass for being a prick. Anyway Chevy doesn't fall for the trick and appears behind me, but at that same moment my brother appears and we double teamed him.]

Weird dream huh. I guess the moral of the story is don't judge people on how they appear.

Oh and as for what it means... I guess Chevy Chase looks a lot like my dad, so it could be that my brother and I wanted to gain some respect from our father, but it didn;t happen. Oh well.

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2:15 am
vow broken
HAhahahahaha. Well I swear I know I can go longer then five days without drinking, but this is a seriously bad time for me to try it. Well I'll get to the point. So today I went to the beach with Danny, Allison, and Conner and it was an awesome time. Especially playing frisbee and relaxing on for a once beautiful california beach day. Hmmm as time went on at the beach Danyn decided he wanted to have a drink and me being the good friend that I am decided to join him, but not drink. Anyway I thought the place would card me anyway if I were, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway we sit down at the bar called Beaches next to Manhattan beach (or somewhere near by) and then Danny dissapears. So I'm playing it cool at the bar wathching some sports games when a drunk man around is 30's comes by and starts talking to me. I think his name was Jerry or something. Well we got to talking and we went on random tangents for an hour and some and he was the most random person I think I will ever know. Like he is a liar about 90 percent of the time. He first starts off our conversation about college frat parties and movies like Van Wilder, Old School, Nerds, and Porky's. Then he goes off on how he hates liars and how he is married and he is a stay at home dad. THen he tried to be cool an be like my wife is rich as hell so I spend her money. Its good to marry for wealth. And then he lied again and said he isn't really married, which anyone with a good sight could have notice because he wasn't wearing a ring nor did he have the ring tan line on his finger.Anyway the man decideds he wants to hang out some more and wants to buy myself and sonn Danny a drink. So this is where things got weird. I took my vow of no drinking, but when somoene buys an expensive drink I don't want to say no. Especially to a drunk. So after our drink these women come over. There were three of them mostly british in their late 20's and he tries hitting on him. Of course the guy is drunk of his ass by now and its only 3 in the afternoon. Anyway one girl walks up to the bar to order a drink and he rubs her arm. Then he does it again and says she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She replied with the I'm scared someone save me routine. Except I was too busy laughing with Danny to help her. Then the guy continue to rubs her arm about four more times ( I thought he was on X) and says nice tatoo and nice ass. And then he was like how would you like to go to m y place for some action. Don't worry my wife isn't home. Hahahaha. Oh god liars are hilarious sometimes, but this guy was scary. THen to Danny's right there was an interior designer who hates anyone who is gay. He went off on tangents of which movie stars were gay and that he walked in on Vin Diesal having sex with a guy in the butt. So Danny and myself were stuck for another hour imbetween these drunks until they went outside smoking, That was our cue to run away right... Well we bought them a drink before we left so when I went to get them they started a fire outside of the restaurant and then bonded over name droppings of bands and materialistic items. Somehow Danny and myself were able to escape before the meeter ran out of time at my car. God I hope I don't turn into a drunk who has nothing better to do then waste his life away at a bar at noon. Oh and both of these guys were rich trustt fund type of guys, with no real aspirations for life.

ANyway after the beach we spent a good 2 hours driving Allison back home and then Conner. Then Danny and I splurged at Peter Piper Pizza and then planned the kickback of the night. (no thanks to little weezer. j/k) Anyway we had a kickback and it was all last minute.. Itr really turned out to be a poker night gone texas holdem style and out of the seven of us I was in the top three with 15 bucks. I was up ten, but there could only be one winner and I was drunk off wine, so I had a hard time playing. So I knda went all in a few times that I shouldn't and one some hands until I finally lost. Thank God for that. If I one I guess it would be my new startedgy for poker. Okay wel after that it was a good family guy Marathon and then a talk with an old friend for a bit. I hope her wallet is okay.

As for future plans for the week. Well Tom my Penn bro will be down tomorrow and I will help the guy find a house for the school year. Then its a good game of dodgeball like every tuesday night and then its off to my film shoot on wednesday. We are doing a sports bar shoot of Out Of Boundz which hopefully they will put me on something fun besdies grip or P.A. Then its a few peoples b-days and my dads as well.

The highlight however will be the first few days in July. July 1st, 2, and the 3rd for a bit I will be in Vegas with a bunch of random people to see a free concert of Red Hot CHili Peppers and Weezer. Oh and the people I'm going with are going to make this trip memorable. I mean we have to beacuse its my Penn brother David's last few days in the United States. Pooer guy leaves for china soon to teach. We'll miss him and hopefully he'll realize he hates it and wants to come back asap. Okay well there are more events and all going on with my life, but I'm still kinda buzzed of my wine and extremly tired. Until next time.


P.S. I'm not an alcoholic and I will proove it. I am going to limit my drinking to one day a week or something like that. I mean being 21 now makes it hard for me not to drink. Too many parties this summer and too many people around me are drinking. Its not peer pressure or anything, but I will try again later. Hopefully two weeks will be the new record.
Monday, June 13th, 2005
5:50 pm
things finally calming down...
Well it took my about all day to pack up all my things and take them to storage. Not to mention the Penn stuff, Jeff's stuff and Erin's ambundance of random items. So yeah it would have been a great morning if the women at the counter did not fuck me over on getting my storage unit. She took a whole hour and some to print out the paper works correctly. I swear I should have never corrected her because I would be paying half as much on my 10 by 10 unit. (It really is a nice unit btw and the way its arranged makes it feel homely.)

Lets see after that my mom calmed the hell down after the house was clean and then gave me two gifts. Oh she also mentioned I don't have to go to theorapy with her anymore. Seriouls what a waste of time. Oh on the negative side she did go o n about how I have terrible luck with women and how I should date a nice Jewish girl. Errr...

Okay well after that encounter it was a beautiful beach day until I actually managed to get to the sand. It was like I brought bad cursed weather with me because it was horrible. Guys shouldn't summer be warm and relaxing where people are not afraid they will freeze to death in the water. Fuckin Hawaii. They have it easy. LoL. Umm yeah and now its time to relax a little more and then time to head out witht he guys.


P.S. Starting Wednesday I will be house sitting a mansion in la habra for ten days, so people if you wanna hang out let me know.
P.S.S. Tomorrow will be a fun day with editing. About 8 hours full and I really am behind on my videos and script. Errr.
5:49 pm
When Parents Srtike Back Part One
Wow...What just happened in the last three hours makes me wish I never had a family. So let me begin my story with this morning. Around early 10 ish there was an earthquake and it managed to fuck my alarm up. This resulted in me waking up extremly late to the point where I had no time to clean my house or get ready. It was at 2 when I awoke and I had to make it to the airport at 2:40. Luckily I make it to LAX at 2:50 and spent 20 minutes looking for my mom and step dad. After awhile I give up assuming they would call, but before that I talked to an airline person who said their flight was delayed. So so far good luck right? No not at all. I turn around after that and find my parents yelling my name out.

Immediatley they start complainging about how long they have been waiting except they just called my cell a minute before that. Oh and they didn't get any sleep and it would be 2 in the morning where they came from. Anyway I get them in the car and help with luggage and I was a "good son." ahahahah. Well that soon changed. Right away my parents yell at me in the car saying how horrible I have been and I'm the reason why they came home early. Total bull shit. Then they go off about how it was never cool for me to store my stuff in the garage or any of my stuff at the house. As a result I spent the next hour looking for a place to store all my stuff oh and Erin's too. So Erin if you read this please contact me in hope of helping pay for a storage unit. Luckily it is only for 2 months, so if you could spare half the rent which would be 60 bucks that would be beautiful. Anyway back to the story.

So the drive with my family was horrible. They said I was a failure in life and that I should do something greater then film. I should become a doctor or a teacher or something. Not a job with no real financial outcome. Of course I ignored this, but then they claimed I had huge ridiculous amounts of parties and that I disrespected my family so much that they are going to send me to theorapy. What a fuckin waste of money. I doubt it will happen, but we'll see. Oh the stress is killing me. And all this because I stood up for myself in front of my parents. First time in awhile and they didn't listen. They ignored me...

Anyway they are calming down a little and they reralzied the house was dirty because no house cleaner came in the last three months, but they are still blaming a little stain and about 2 minutes of brooming on me. Which they are still making into a huge deal. Anyway the reason I'm writing this is I have lost respect for my family. Not part, but all of them. Even my mom was telling me how I need relationship advise as well as my dad. Well in conclusion to my ramble all I can say is I 'm glad to be living in my house August 1st with the Penns. Oh and about that I got tons of shit for wanting to live in Whittier. Right now my family is going off abotu how I'm too good for Whittier or how I should not live with my friends. Whatever. Sorry I'll stop this rambling.


P.S. Dumb drama happen last night as well... I blame Keri.
Monday, June 6th, 2005
7:27 pm
ANyone in need of a computer
Hey guys my family bought me a new computer for my birthday and I was wondering if anyone would want to buy my old one off of me. It would be a steal around 300 and I will be selling it at 400 to random people. (Oh I also have a couple T.V.'s I can sell as well if anyone is in need of one.) SO yeah this is what it contains:

A Dell Computer
P 4
2.8 Ghz
G force 2
80 Gb of hardrive
17-19 inch crt monitor (I think thats right)
Cd Rewrite/ and Dvd Player
USB hook ups

As for the problems:
It needs new antivirus software

If you live near Orange County just come by and grab it if not I'll have to charge for shipping fee.
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
6:54 pm
Anyone have an extra heart to spare...
Well today I found out my girlfriend does not love me anymore nor does she want to be together. Yeah fun stuff huh.Especiallly after i spent 4 hours storing her stuff at my place over summer, which is taking up half my room and i just bought her an annual disney pass. On the bright side she did last four months, but the negative will be how the family will react. They will give me shit for months, because they said they won't care for any of my girlfriends because i have had so many. the problem is they actually liked Erin. Sadly though, I wanted to fix the relationship (I had no idea she felt this way) so i spent a few hours last night trying to find the best deals to Hawaii. Interesting enough a roudntrip from L.A.X. to Oahu is 449 bucks and up to 1,200. Anyway if any of you want to do something to remedy how I feel please call me.


p.s. hope everyone is enjoying their summer
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