Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

Anyone have an extra heart to spare...

Well today I found out my girlfriend does not love me anymore nor does she want to be together. Yeah fun stuff huh.Especiallly after i spent 4 hours storing her stuff at my place over summer, which is taking up half my room and i just bought her an annual disney pass. On the bright side she did last four months, but the negative will be how the family will react. They will give me shit for months, because they said they won't care for any of my girlfriends because i have had so many. the problem is they actually liked Erin. Sadly though, I wanted to fix the relationship (I had no idea she felt this way) so i spent a few hours last night trying to find the best deals to Hawaii. Interesting enough a roudntrip from L.A.X. to Oahu is 449 bucks and up to 1,200. Anyway if any of you want to do something to remedy how I feel please call me.


p.s. hope everyone is enjoying their summer
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