Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

ANyone in need of a computer

Hey guys my family bought me a new computer for my birthday and I was wondering if anyone would want to buy my old one off of me. It would be a steal around 300 and I will be selling it at 400 to random people. (Oh I also have a couple T.V.'s I can sell as well if anyone is in need of one.) SO yeah this is what it contains:

A Dell Computer
P 4
2.8 Ghz
G force 2
80 Gb of hardrive
17-19 inch crt monitor (I think thats right)
Cd Rewrite/ and Dvd Player
USB hook ups

As for the problems:
It needs new antivirus software

If you live near Orange County just come by and grab it if not I'll have to charge for shipping fee.
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