Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

When Parents Srtike Back Part One

Wow...What just happened in the last three hours makes me wish I never had a family. So let me begin my story with this morning. Around early 10 ish there was an earthquake and it managed to fuck my alarm up. This resulted in me waking up extremly late to the point where I had no time to clean my house or get ready. It was at 2 when I awoke and I had to make it to the airport at 2:40. Luckily I make it to LAX at 2:50 and spent 20 minutes looking for my mom and step dad. After awhile I give up assuming they would call, but before that I talked to an airline person who said their flight was delayed. So so far good luck right? No not at all. I turn around after that and find my parents yelling my name out.

Immediatley they start complainging about how long they have been waiting except they just called my cell a minute before that. Oh and they didn't get any sleep and it would be 2 in the morning where they came from. Anyway I get them in the car and help with luggage and I was a "good son." ahahahah. Well that soon changed. Right away my parents yell at me in the car saying how horrible I have been and I'm the reason why they came home early. Total bull shit. Then they go off about how it was never cool for me to store my stuff in the garage or any of my stuff at the house. As a result I spent the next hour looking for a place to store all my stuff oh and Erin's too. So Erin if you read this please contact me in hope of helping pay for a storage unit. Luckily it is only for 2 months, so if you could spare half the rent which would be 60 bucks that would be beautiful. Anyway back to the story.

So the drive with my family was horrible. They said I was a failure in life and that I should do something greater then film. I should become a doctor or a teacher or something. Not a job with no real financial outcome. Of course I ignored this, but then they claimed I had huge ridiculous amounts of parties and that I disrespected my family so much that they are going to send me to theorapy. What a fuckin waste of money. I doubt it will happen, but we'll see. Oh the stress is killing me. And all this because I stood up for myself in front of my parents. First time in awhile and they didn't listen. They ignored me...

Anyway they are calming down a little and they reralzied the house was dirty because no house cleaner came in the last three months, but they are still blaming a little stain and about 2 minutes of brooming on me. Which they are still making into a huge deal. Anyway the reason I'm writing this is I have lost respect for my family. Not part, but all of them. Even my mom was telling me how I need relationship advise as well as my dad. Well in conclusion to my ramble all I can say is I 'm glad to be living in my house August 1st with the Penns. Oh and about that I got tons of shit for wanting to live in Whittier. Right now my family is going off abotu how I'm too good for Whittier or how I should not live with my friends. Whatever. Sorry I'll stop this rambling.


P.S. Dumb drama happen last night as well... I blame Keri.
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