Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

things finally calming down...

Well it took my about all day to pack up all my things and take them to storage. Not to mention the Penn stuff, Jeff's stuff and Erin's ambundance of random items. So yeah it would have been a great morning if the women at the counter did not fuck me over on getting my storage unit. She took a whole hour and some to print out the paper works correctly. I swear I should have never corrected her because I would be paying half as much on my 10 by 10 unit. (It really is a nice unit btw and the way its arranged makes it feel homely.)

Lets see after that my mom calmed the hell down after the house was clean and then gave me two gifts. Oh she also mentioned I don't have to go to theorapy with her anymore. Seriouls what a waste of time. Oh on the negative side she did go o n about how I have terrible luck with women and how I should date a nice Jewish girl. Errr...

Okay well after that encounter it was a beautiful beach day until I actually managed to get to the sand. It was like I brought bad cursed weather with me because it was horrible. Guys shouldn't summer be warm and relaxing where people are not afraid they will freeze to death in the water. Fuckin Hawaii. They have it easy. LoL. Umm yeah and now its time to relax a little more and then time to head out witht he guys.


P.S. Starting Wednesday I will be house sitting a mansion in la habra for ten days, so people if you wanna hang out let me know.
P.S.S. Tomorrow will be a fun day with editing. About 8 hours full and I really am behind on my videos and script. Errr.
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