Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

vow broken

HAhahahahaha. Well I swear I know I can go longer then five days without drinking, but this is a seriously bad time for me to try it. Well I'll get to the point. So today I went to the beach with Danny, Allison, and Conner and it was an awesome time. Especially playing frisbee and relaxing on for a once beautiful california beach day. Hmmm as time went on at the beach Danyn decided he wanted to have a drink and me being the good friend that I am decided to join him, but not drink. Anyway I thought the place would card me anyway if I were, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway we sit down at the bar called Beaches next to Manhattan beach (or somewhere near by) and then Danny dissapears. So I'm playing it cool at the bar wathching some sports games when a drunk man around is 30's comes by and starts talking to me. I think his name was Jerry or something. Well we got to talking and we went on random tangents for an hour and some and he was the most random person I think I will ever know. Like he is a liar about 90 percent of the time. He first starts off our conversation about college frat parties and movies like Van Wilder, Old School, Nerds, and Porky's. Then he goes off on how he hates liars and how he is married and he is a stay at home dad. THen he tried to be cool an be like my wife is rich as hell so I spend her money. Its good to marry for wealth. And then he lied again and said he isn't really married, which anyone with a good sight could have notice because he wasn't wearing a ring nor did he have the ring tan line on his finger.Anyway the man decideds he wants to hang out some more and wants to buy myself and sonn Danny a drink. So this is where things got weird. I took my vow of no drinking, but when somoene buys an expensive drink I don't want to say no. Especially to a drunk. So after our drink these women come over. There were three of them mostly british in their late 20's and he tries hitting on him. Of course the guy is drunk of his ass by now and its only 3 in the afternoon. Anyway one girl walks up to the bar to order a drink and he rubs her arm. Then he does it again and says she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She replied with the I'm scared someone save me routine. Except I was too busy laughing with Danny to help her. Then the guy continue to rubs her arm about four more times ( I thought he was on X) and says nice tatoo and nice ass. And then he was like how would you like to go to m y place for some action. Don't worry my wife isn't home. Hahahaha. Oh god liars are hilarious sometimes, but this guy was scary. THen to Danny's right there was an interior designer who hates anyone who is gay. He went off on tangents of which movie stars were gay and that he walked in on Vin Diesal having sex with a guy in the butt. So Danny and myself were stuck for another hour imbetween these drunks until they went outside smoking, That was our cue to run away right... Well we bought them a drink before we left so when I went to get them they started a fire outside of the restaurant and then bonded over name droppings of bands and materialistic items. Somehow Danny and myself were able to escape before the meeter ran out of time at my car. God I hope I don't turn into a drunk who has nothing better to do then waste his life away at a bar at noon. Oh and both of these guys were rich trustt fund type of guys, with no real aspirations for life.

ANyway after the beach we spent a good 2 hours driving Allison back home and then Conner. Then Danny and I splurged at Peter Piper Pizza and then planned the kickback of the night. (no thanks to little weezer. j/k) Anyway we had a kickback and it was all last minute.. Itr really turned out to be a poker night gone texas holdem style and out of the seven of us I was in the top three with 15 bucks. I was up ten, but there could only be one winner and I was drunk off wine, so I had a hard time playing. So I knda went all in a few times that I shouldn't and one some hands until I finally lost. Thank God for that. If I one I guess it would be my new startedgy for poker. Okay wel after that it was a good family guy Marathon and then a talk with an old friend for a bit. I hope her wallet is okay.

As for future plans for the week. Well Tom my Penn bro will be down tomorrow and I will help the guy find a house for the school year. Then its a good game of dodgeball like every tuesday night and then its off to my film shoot on wednesday. We are doing a sports bar shoot of Out Of Boundz which hopefully they will put me on something fun besdies grip or P.A. Then its a few peoples b-days and my dads as well.

The highlight however will be the first few days in July. July 1st, 2, and the 3rd for a bit I will be in Vegas with a bunch of random people to see a free concert of Red Hot CHili Peppers and Weezer. Oh and the people I'm going with are going to make this trip memorable. I mean we have to beacuse its my Penn brother David's last few days in the United States. Pooer guy leaves for china soon to teach. We'll miss him and hopefully he'll realize he hates it and wants to come back asap. Okay well there are more events and all going on with my life, but I'm still kinda buzzed of my wine and extremly tired. Until next time.


P.S. I'm not an alcoholic and I will proove it. I am going to limit my drinking to one day a week or something like that. I mean being 21 now makes it hard for me not to drink. Too many parties this summer and too many people around me are drinking. Its not peer pressure or anything, but I will try again later. Hopefully two weeks will be the new record.
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