Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

A dream I can finally remember

Well I was having one of those Ferris Bueller dreams. It was me and my brother and we were trying to gamble at a casino. And out of all the casiono's we went to the classiest one. Anyway we tried pulling off that we were twins and the owner Chevey Chase wouldn't believe us. We didn't care what he hthought htough, so we played cards with some rich people and took their money, Oh and we were extremly under dressed. Well After one hand of cards Chevy Chase decides he wants to kicks us out and thats when I bust out my gold 100 gb usb storage device. Which he stelas from me and says no you are not rich enough to own this. Then he runs outside with it and breaks it. In Chase's rant we stole a few room keys to the hotel and I decided to hide downstairs next to the exti and steve ran up stairs with etea keys. The plan was to trick Checy into thinking we botrh rean up stairs and then we'd jump hjim and kick his ass for being a prick. Anyway Chevy doesn't fall for the trick and appears behind me, but at that same moment my brother appears and we double teamed him.]

Weird dream huh. I guess the moral of the story is don't judge people on how they appear.

Oh and as for what it means... I guess Chevy Chase looks a lot like my dad, so it could be that my brother and I wanted to gain some respect from our father, but it didn;t happen. Oh well.

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