Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

My 20 commandments on relationships

What I’ve learned for a relationship to work:

Don’t see each other more than 4 days a week

Never call more than 3 days a week (balanced)

Make sure her friends like you

Make sure she gets approved

No more than 1 day a week eating out at fancy place

Make sure we have separate friends

Make sure one day a week is guys night/ girls night (bros before hoes)

Make sure its two sided

Make sure to communicate if they are too clingy

Never hold anything back and be open

Give them the benefit of the doubt

Never date a girl that smokes or does drugs

Never date a pessimistic

Stay away from the word love unless for sure many months

School comes first

Must be able to drive and have a car

Cheating is not forgivable

Don’t be friends afterwards (unless it was a mutual break up)

Asshole/ Be confident (be humble) They need to be appreciative

Switch off on taking out and who pays. (date ideas)
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