Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

Random trip

Well today I went to the Buddhist temple up near Hacienda and Colima. From the first minute I stepped up the ramp to the temple I felt like I was in a whole different world. I guess thats my fault for coming at an interesting time. For starters there was a wedding going on and a lot of people were dressed up. There were also some hard core buddhist people who shaved their heads and wore robes. They were fun to listen to. But the highlight of the trip was when I was looking for a way up to find the gift shop or at least more of the temple and then someone came to help me. The old guy was awesome and he even walked me to the temple. Well after awhile I didn't feel like a tourist anymore and started talking to these people. They helped me understand a few statues and what hitting the bell with a coin is all about. Sadly to say I didn't hit the bell so I did not increase my merit, wealth, or good fortune. As for the five dollar all you can eat veggie buffet...Yeah it was alright, but don't have the soup. It tasted like beer that was sitting out for a few days. Kinda of like Millers High Life or cheap Champagne. Anyway the random trip was great becasue it was a truly beautiful and quiet place. Just sititng and relaxing for five minutes alone made me want to convert. Yeah I think I'm going to miss that about the house I'm wathicng too. Its soo peaceful and relaxing. I'm sure when i'm old I'd like a place just like it or somewhere over looking the sound of the waves from the ocean. Okay that was all really. Now its time to go watch Shaun of the Dead and then go for a little run.


P.S. Anyone have a suggestion on a gift for your dad for his b-day
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