Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

Holden Caulfield moments....

I need someone to catch me right now.

I woule love to play someone checkers and not move my back row.

I would love it if my family thought I wasn't crazy.

I did have some grey hair when I was sixteen.

I would love to take a subway and get far far away.

I would love to have been allowed to see my step sister leave.

I would love to get into a fight and actually win. (not really... I do hate fighting, but if I had to fight then yeah I would like to win)

Anyway for some reason my family think I have problems. Apparently I have to go to a course in Canada or something. Well at least I can actually get Mehreen out of the country now. But yeah it all started with me missing a bar mitzvah on July 2 of my step cousin to some degree. Of course I was never given the exact date, but telling your father he was wrong with informing you is not right either. In fact nothing I do is right in my fathers eyes and I don't care anymore. His whole goal for me was to be happy. Well July 1st and 2nd I have plans that will makemy summer. I'm going to Veegas with lots of great friends and enjoying what it means to be escape reality. Of course me going is hurting my father But this little rant of mine is not over. Today is my fatehrs b-day and last night I said I would come over with him for a snack and relax with for bit because there was a small early b-day party that a few family members put together Of course while this happenes the people I house sit are three hours late and by the tiume I call my dad he says don't even bother coming over. You dissapointed me. Confucious would probably smack me for not making it to my dads. SOmething about dishonirng the family. But I think he would also smack my dad because it should be easy to forgive family. Anyway this is where the story gets good...

So I grabbed my Weezer friend and took her to Wal Mart at 10:55, right before it clsoed. To buy some gifts. We were rushed though and had not time. It was at Rite Aid where we got an idea (mostly her) to drive to My dads house and put tons of flowers around the house and a card. Yeah that would have been a tad expensive, but I was going to do it. Instead we got ttons of baloons and some flowers and in the middle of all that we placed a huige b-day card with poems, and a stuft bear all on his car.Oh and then the drive back we took PCH and marvled at the ocean and the stars. It was a beautiful night except extremly cold. THen on the drive just past Santa Monica I found the way back to the freeway and took Christina home. Sadly it was 3:20 and I was beat, but I needed to get to my moms to sleep. Luckily I only dozzed off once for a second. Thank God for my quick ninja like reflexes. Hmmmm. And then an hour ago my mom wakes me and has a fight with me about why I'm not at my fathers. Then she hears what I had to say and calls him. THe response my dad gave my mom about the present I left him was that I was a jerk and need help. SO all an all a great night. Really!!! THis is why I can't wait to ahve my place in August to live. It seems like its so far away though. As for if I'm crazy or not... I know too much about psychology to ever think so, but I do think my parents need to go. I mean they used to and if they won't listen to me as an adult then they should learn to listen to their innerselves or something and stop watching all these carppy new drama shows about how the youth is represented. .. That is all.

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