Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal


So this is what happened....

Since my penn brother David flew into the airport and came to California to celebrate his last few days before going to China, we did amazing stuff.

*We hit up a random bourlesque show in hollywood near Melrose. It was different and the women who were dancing stripped and showed those sparkley thingys around their breast. At this place I tried helping David succeed with a girl, but failed because she was a bitch to him. Then later me and another Adam got hit on by a incredible intellgent women. She had a boyfriend with her and her two girl friends, but she knew she could not entertain her friends...So she pulled us over to talk to them and they bought us a couple drinks. Later we slowly crept away and I defintely got hit on by a gay guy or if the lines "do you work out" or "do you come here often" or "can I get you a drink" count. Oh and that one Asain girl I helped with for David made a big deal about how she only attracts the gay guys. Yeah well she got what was coming. She had a case of beer goggles and grabbed a fat old guy to cling to.

*Then afterwards we went to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which is a beautiful display of dealing with the anxieties of relationships. :) Yeah and then it was a final trip to Todai and off to Vegas. The trip took 4 and some hours to arrive and only three back. When we arrived at this lovely strip we got their early and decided to walk the whole strip and every hotel. Yeah big mistake. It took us about five hours and we got lost for a bit. On the bright side I kicked ass at black jack and sucked monkeyballs at sluts. Oh and a strange thing was I never got carded and people can buy booze in Vegas any time and carry them in public. Weird, but cool. Anyway the night was awesome and the next was better. It was the day of the Weezer/ Red Hot Chilli Peppers Concert and after eating a crazy buffet we deicded to get drunk/high before the show. Of course I don't get high because I think it makes me bleed, but the drunkeness of Vox, which I got a great deal on was great. The sad part of the day was arriving at the show. It took us 3 hours to move one mile. Fuckin A and we missed some of Weezer. The good side of it was we thought this couple in front of us were tottaly getting it on and gave us a show. Oh a dirty one too. Naw I kid it really wasn't that bad. As for the concert we were around 50,000 people and somehow worked our way up to the first 10,000 section. We were the closest that the cops would let us because we came to late to fill the first section. Errrr.... Well after an amzing and breathaking concert there was a massive firework show which lasted forever. However, having my drunkeness wear off at that point I realized that the fireworks were launched too close to us and we had a rain of ash and smoke everywhere. It felt like a hige open gas chamber.

Lets see whats next... Oh yeah and tehn was July fourth. My parents deicded to throw a bbq for me and not nearly as much people showed as I would have liked, but I had somewhere around 10. It was a chance for a kcikback and some drinks with the parents. Kinda interesting sharing a beer with your mom. Then it was off to Brians house for a mad 12 hours strait drunken orgy. Hahahahah. Once we arrived it was non stop drinking andt I think I ended with 20 beers, five shots, and some margarita shit. Luckily for me I spanded my drinks out and wasn't drunk. It was more like a big buzz because it added to my Smash skills and card skills amongst everyone. Then around 9 ish when fireworks were going off, we decided to hav our own little show. This show lasted three minutes and then fire marshalls showed up at the house and we had to hide the goods. Luckily Brian was able to talk his drunk ass out of getting everyone in trouble. Then it was more drinking, games, and spreading the words of Ka Kah. Now if any of you want to learn what that means just ask.

As for today I received a killer sunburn for passing out on the beach with some friends and we all woke up and rolled over after an hour. Yeah no pain, but I'm redder than usual. After the beach was a fantastic game of dodgeball and a gift to the aspects of my DDR. Hopefully it will be in good hands. Then it was off to Sean Morris' for his b-day celebration. After that I hit up a bar known as Freds back home. It was an awesome time because on the fifth of every month waitresses can drink withthe customers, so i had oiur waitress buy me tons of drinks.It was a blast, but I arrived kinda late. Aaron, Scott, and Greg were kinda fucked up, yet we all had fun. We even ran into some old highschool aquantiences and bought them a drink for their b-day. THen the night ended with a competition between Aaron and Greg about get a girls number. They both got it, yet GTreg one because of his superior soberness at the time (this quickly changed). Then after Freds and being told to come back by everyone who works at it...We were kinda thrown out. Mostly cuz of the guys drunkenss. So being the most sober one I took them to Harbor House and thats when things went down hill. I'll just add their was a lot of party fouls that night. Luckily it ended with them being sober enough to chill at Aarons. Oh and now in four hours I have to go to my internship. I love avoiding sleep sometimes...Well maybe only while I'm drinking. Oh and the goal is to stop drinking as much still so I think only tuesdays and sometiems a cup of wine.


P.S. Oh and July3rd consisted of finding a way to relax from Vegas so P and me chilled at the Pool at the school and then saw Anchor Man. It really is a breathtaking movie. Hiya.
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