Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal


This last week has gone by in a huge blur and I blame my lack of sleep. I do know though that I've had crazy ass dreams lately. Like I was craving Rasin Brand cereal, so I dreamt about buying it with P's roomate Marshel. Strange huh? Oh and there was a dream about my house in whittier that I'm moving in on August 15th. In the dream Yo needed someone to stay for a week. Yeah so randomness. And to end my ramble of randomosity I realized what my perfect hell would involve. It would be me doing my daily activitites, yet having little kids screaming constantly. Like the sound of nails on a chalk board.

Okay so enough of that. Since my last update I haven't done too much except I found out what WTT means. For my internship I helped with the World Tennis Tournament twice this last week. The first day was last thursday and Anna Kournakova was around for it. I must say her photos do not do her justice. She really is a goddess and nice too. However, I did not care for her. I did try to be a wing man to one of my fellow co workers, but that failed. It was for shits and giggles anyway. The real story from the tennis matches was what happened today. I got court seating again and sat next to Anastatia Rodiova. A beautiful blonde hotty from Germany around 22. She played an excellent game today and I thought what the hell. I was going to ask this celebrity out and if she refused oh well. The funny thing was she kept giving me the eye or so I thought. Anyway after the match was over she came over to me. It was one of those holy moments like in big fish where the main character sees the girl who is instantly in love with and wants to marry, but with me It was more of I can't believe this is actually happening. Anyway we started talking and I realized she barely knows any english and it was hard having a conversation with her. We did basically talk about Cox 3 and how she wants us to tape more of her performances. And she wanted to know if I would be around more. So thats when I gave her a piece of chocoalte that was in my pocket and I asked her if she wanted to take a break of all this and get some cocoa. Her reply was what is hot cocoa. Hmmm. Yeah basically it ended at that because some hotty mc hot tennis pro was done signing autographs and he came by. People called him the Brad Pitt of tennis and that means I had no chance. Yeah once she saw him she started jumping up and down and ran towards him. Oh and for the record she is single. Yeah on another note tennis players grunt extremly loud and having music while someone plays tennis is kinda cool.

Besides the matches I've hung out in whittier a lot lately. There were many trips to the college pool where I learned I still have good lungs, yet am still no where as fast as I used to be with my freestyle. Oh and then there was the trip to Manhanttan beach, which turned out to be Hermosa because I got lost. Now this beach is nice, but polluted. SO if you like not going in water I do reccomend it. The best party about that day was throwing the girls in the water with P and then failing to dodge P's ramming speed which knocked me in the water.

What next... Oh yeah fantastic four was not as good as I thought it would be. I mean see it for Jessica Alba, but don't see it for a plot. What else...Dodgeball last week was wonderful and I am sad to say I might actually miss this upcoming one because of my brothers b-day. Who knows I might be able to convice him to come out and play.

Oh there was a good night at P's place two nights ago. It was good Lord of the Rings Marathon with some mild drinking. Of course we all drank a little much, which resulted in me actually going to sleep before midnight.

And lastly I wanted to say happy b-day to a few people. To my brother Steve I hope you enjoy being 20. To my big bro (aokp) darkmeat, I hope you are enjoying being old. To my old friend Adam Witten happy late b-day. Oh and T Ma too. That is all.


P.S. I'm leaving to Vegas again the 14-16, so if any of you are in the are let me know and I'll try to make sure we spend some time together.
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