Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

The Recap part 1 (my brother's party)

To begin my story I will begin with my brothers b-day. July 12th I drove on up to wish my brother a great b-day and my plan was to make sure it was memorable. Well I can say mission accomplished. First off as a gift I gave him my old id, so now he can go to bars and clubs a little early. (Steve I hope you love it) Ayway, I pick my brother up around 3 and we head to the mall with another of his friends known as Will by few and others as that black guy with game. So we go to the mall orginally to get these two sunglasses, but I wanted to check out the 20-70 percent off sale at express. Now when we walked in it was like it was meant to be. THe plans changed and the new goal was to get everyone dressed up in pimp outfits. At first I got the guys to try on some things, but then I found an unbelievable sports jacket that was priced around 250 and I got it for 60 bucks. Yeop good times. So after trying on some clothes the next goal was to get girls to come to my brothers after party and me being a good older brother tried his best at this. So i flirted with girl who worked at express, yet it turned out she was engaged, but after I had a 20 minute conversation with her about marriage with an actor... I might have changed her mind, which was a common theme for that night.

Okay the next step was getting ready for BJ's. Now here we were joined up Shiela and a few others, but the goal was still to try and get Steve a girl. So as we walk in I see a girl outside bored out of her mine and I ask her if she wants to join us at the bar. She ends up bringing her friend and Will and I tried our best at getting Steven a chance with these two women...Yet they are Pepperdine grad students with their third year into law. On the plus side I got their number and had an excellent time discussing entertainment law. Oh and I guessed where they were from by their looks and I got it right. It was one of those Hitch moments.

Next up was a table of four girls near us and that was a simple gesture of going by and inviting them to the afterparty. They looked bored and I thought they would surely come.

After that was the most interesting part...There was a couple across from us where they didn't look happy at all and the girl kept looking at our table. So when the guy left her for awhile she smiled at me and I came over. At first it was a good conversation about boredom, but then she went on about how she is having a bad realtionship with her guy. I suggested her to take a break and see what else is out and about.It gave her some confidence I guess. Anyway right before she was going to get my number her guy came over and I had to play it real cool. My first instinct was to invite them over to our table for shots and it worked. The guy ignored my invite and one minute later looked at us. Actualyl they both wouldn't stop looking over and then the guy started to cry. Yeah there is more, but its boring.

The last of the girls I tried to push my brother out too was this waitress and her friend. They got off work and I invited them over. So they had my cell and it seemed like it was a promising night. However, my phone kinda died on me a few times and I got no messages. Oh well. We still had a great time at the afterparty.

At my dads we met up with some friends and for some reason one of Steven's friends claims their was someone in the house. Yeah it cause some panic and we all drove up the hill to call Steven's cop friend Sirus. As for me I was thinking what we could do to help us out. So I thought if we blocked off the driveway with trashcans it would slow them down. Then after that I was like fuck I'm going down and Will came too. Sure it probably wasn't the best choice, but at the time i was afraid something bad might happen to my car. Okay well a few steps down and we see people running out of the house and Will backs off and someone yelled at them "get the gun." At that point I figured it was a suprise party for Steven and I wasn't scared of the intruders. In fact I ran down and embraced them and got some laughs. Then came the massive drinking and the teaching of drinking games.

Now we played beer pong which with bad cheap bear taste is horrible. (Never again will I drink Corona light) Then after we all got into some more drunken stomberness my brothers friend brings out the absinith. Which was interesting to have, until my brother spilled some on my leg and "accidently" lit me on fire. Yeah good times.

The night then ended with a whole day of recovering and getting ready to go to vegas with my family.
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