Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

The Recap part 2 (Vegas trip)

Okay I will just touch on the highlights...

Got to Vegas in five hours.

First thing I did with my mom was have a drink. (she then kept buying me more and more...It was weird being sober still in front of my drunken mom) She then questioned my tolerence and I told her I used to drink a lot.

Immediately bet 20 bucks ion blackjack and won 100. Then lost it all at a richj table putting a 100 down and having 20 showing... Fuckin dealer with 21.

Bought a new pair of dress shoes and went to a card shop which was really a sex shop. Oh yeah and my mom came with me. Kinda embarssing.

Met up with family that I haven't seen in awhile and head cousins show me around vegas the vip ways. (priceless)

Stayed at the Bellagio and had a great time renting a Cabana which is your own private tent with goodies; tv, sofa, food, fridge, personal waiters.

Met some nice people from Seattle and got a darker tan in that 118 degree heat.

Read another Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book in the saga.

Went clubbing to five or more clubs on the strip and went bar hopping. Oh and for everyones info...Coyote Ugly is horrible. A bunch of women on top of bars doing choregraphed dance moves over and over again.

Went to an Improv show where an Asian women made rascists comments and picked on Jews a lot. Then a fat comedian went on next and used his weight as a humor. Oh and before the show my cousins won 300 dollars each at craps, which i could have won if I came too, but my mom wanted me to play poker with her. Errrr

Oh Vip at the Hardrock Hotel for the dance club was awesome. Because my cousins new somebody who had a tabel we got in free without cover and were given grey goose shots. Crazy club...too bad I couldn't move around to enjoy it. Best club though was "Light." It was remarakble to me because it reminded me how many gold diggers there are in vegas. Oh and of course having a girl spill some of her drink on you while dancing and then pass out on you is always a great memory. I hope her friend took her either to their room or a hospital.

Oh we always ate out at nice places and we even had a restaurant close down early so they can handle our group privately.

I guess that was the highlight of my trip. The worst part was the six and some hour drive back while reading a book.


P.S. My friend Matt is in town from San Diego and we had an awesome time tonight. Oh and its Chad's b-day, so if you see him wish the guy a happy b-day.

P.S.S. I felt very spoiled this last week. I am sure that will soon change. Oh and I bought the new harry potter book and I will be filming a tv show tomorrow.
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