Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

The word of the day is "random"

Okay well today was bizarre in the sense that everywhere I went I kept running into people I used to know or still know. Fisrt off I'll start with lunch. I was craving good old veggie bistro and ran into Payton and Alicia. Good times. Then it was to school for me to settle with my new job and then i ran into P and hung out with him for a bit. Then came work and I ran into a few people around the school as a result of it. Oh and I saw Kevin and Tom randomly as well. (can you sense the pattern?)

Then to go on with the madness...after dodgeball I went to chill for a bit at a bar and then hit up another near my house back home. Now every tuesday is Freds night with the guys and this time I ran into one of my oldest crushes and she was still beautiful. She would have joined my table too, if it were not for the fact that her friends were beyond trashed and she herself was mildly buzzed. Well that was too bad. But the rest of the night went well with running into more people from highschool. It was weird...Felt like a reunion of sort. Especially at the next bar. Hennesies I think. Well there we ran into an old friend of mine and man what a crazy life he led. He is 21 and already he was hanging with the wrong crowd, went to jail, got bail for 90,000, does action tricks on bikes in movies or in front of crowds for fun, and is soon to be married. I mean before all that we used to just bond over history...i guess we continually change from what we were to something new constantly. It does suck with women in this perspective. I mean what you could have loved or liked in the past can end up hideously wrong in the present or close future.

Anyway the highlight was walking back with Don and these two drunk girls confronted us and went on about how hot we are and how we have great neckleces. Yeah it took me a moment, but I remembered that they were these two girls from my gym class along time ago that constantly did weed and had no real desires to succeed in life. But yeah it was a complement and they still were beautiful.

As for the rest of whats going on in my life I can sum it up...

Went to my dads where my brother told my dad I crashed my car and that I hit on a girl my brother claimed. Hhahahah. lies of course

Spent a whole night chillin and wathcing movies. Then tried skipping rocks at the beach early ass in the morning.

Got a job at aspect and am now going to stay with Christina, Vsty, Jon, and that other guys until my house is ready.

Wedding Crashers is an unbelievably movie. Tears...

Dodgeball is still glorious times.

Went to Santa Monica and the owner remembered me and I got a waiter to drink with me. Kinda cool.

Thought of new ways to polish up my script before actually attempting to write it.

Two more days left on my internship.

Cranberry and vodka is the worst drink I have ever had.

Trying to smoke hukkah in a room in turner was great.

Still don't have the heart to date, but hanging out is always interesting.

Attempted to cook and make food for some people..then had a wine taste testing.

Smoking Hukkah at the parks with beautiful views.

I love spas.

And that is all.
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