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I honestly don't remember what has happened in a chronological order these last few weeks and I don't care. I do care that summer is about to end and I still haven't written a script yet. Well I guess that means next weekend I will not see the outside world and hopefully have something to show for it. As for updates, I'll just briefly write down what I can remember...

*Went to San Diego to hang and had great times.

*Discovered that in San Diego, girls who have
boyfriends and are walking with them, apparently don't mind yelling out to a complete stranger that they are hot or they might just grab your butt.

*Attempted to give up drinking and am two days strong. Hahahah

*Finished my internship and they wrote me a letter saying how excellenet I was working for them...Sadly though they didn't offer me a job off the bat, so I think I'll just ask for one.

*Went to a couple baseball games and found it extremely amusing to see drunk old men betting on the most random of things. For instance betting on how many balls a pitcher will throw or how good looking a girl is.

*Saw a man destroy 41000 peoples lives by grabbing the beach ball and then instead of passing it around...stabbed it with a fork and stood up in his glory...

* Stayed at the coolest hotel in all of L.A. and to some it is known as the Westin. All I can say is I loved the view and the elevators were amazing.

*Had a couple kickback at Toms and enjoyed every moment of them.

*Played Conquers bad fur day again...Beautiful! Just beautiful.

*Ate something that P cooked... Yes interesting...

*Had an allergic reaction to cocunut which made me brake out, but I'm all good now. I guess that prooves it ain't mental.

* Celebrated a few goodbye parties for friends leaving to different areas for college or new life experiences.

*Am now the new CI for this next week for the Aspects...Or so I've been told.

*I think I'm beginning to like cats...well maybe just Matt.

* I love my boss and my other one loves having another guy in the office. Seriosuly we talk about the most random shit and bonding over stories.

*Tried to think about dating again...Then I realized its still to hard, but then again i do like the single life.

*I have a new friend who is kind of like a domintrax and I love her stories.

*I failed to develop a perfect way to have hukkah. Usually something always goes wrong.

*I don't get to move into my house for awhile, so I might need to crash somewhere for a few days between the 1st and the fifth.

*My dad today finally realized I wasn't a failure in life and is helping me with tutition this year.

*The college wanted to pay more money to me to attend the school...

*I reallly would love to take some black and white photos again. That and bowl with some good friends. I think I miss that the most this summer.

*Sorta scared of my senior year and not being prepared for the real world...Eh I got year.

*My brother is turning into a manipulative guy and I don't know if its a bad thing for him or not.

*A friend reminded me of my old penny tradition...

*This summer had no real bonfires, so I think at the end of this month I want to throw one to make up it. *Drove up PCH and love it.

*Aspect students stole my tennis rackets. (I just felt like saying it...those bastards)

*Found out that most the people I meet from Santa Barbara only talk about sex and booze.

*I'm moving all my stuff out of storage in less then 12 hours.

*I have a secret desire to be captured for a day and taken away from my thoughts of reality and feel what its like to dream again.

*My dogs are weird...They pee out of excitement just when I walk into the house.

*Got lost in a community with Christina and I felt like Christina and myself were stuck in an old T.V. show like land of the lost.

*Did a few movie marathons of classic films with the roomies.

* Jumped in the Arbor Ridge pool around 3 in the morning with a few friends and had a blast. (oh and I realized I really need help with singing lessons)

* What rhymes with awesome? hahahah

*I think P is my best friend at Whittier and we think way too similar some times. Kinda cool

* I miss the old times with a lot of old friends. I mean its hard keeping track with everyone so if It has been awhile and we are out of touch...please let me know and I'll make more of an effort.

*Went to the Hustler in San Diego and showed some girls around like I was a tour guide. (really weird...Oh and some lady kept on trying to get us to buy sex games)

*Oh I crashed a car at 2 mph and thank god nothing happened to it.

*Rootbeer Kegs are fantastic and I think I'd like another.

*I need to start saving money and go out less...Something tells me this will take longer than my ability to stop drinking.

*Peter Pipers Pizza is really a great deal.

*Okay and on a last note: I think either I'm going crazy or something is stealing my clothes or stuff in the apartment I'm staying at. For instance the remote control for the T.V. dissapeared as well as two jeans of mine and a few shirts.

*And that is all I can remember... I know a whole lot more stuff happened, but I just need people to remind me.

-That is all.
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