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fear factor...

Before I talk about fear factor, I need to write down some of my ramblings of things that took place these last few days.

*First of all loosing control in a giant van is not cool.

*I just recently moved out of my apartment, which I miss a lot. I mean staying with Chrisitna, Vasthy, and Jon was a big highlight for me this summer. I'll miss those late night conversations, but hopefully Keving will be a good new roomate for you.

*Now because of P I live in his old apartment with Anne, Marshall, and Enrique. They are also great roomates, but I have been gone most of the time so I need to make it up to them.

* Went to a few kickbacks this last week and actualyl manage to go without drinking for a week. Sadly to say though, I have lost my taste for beer because of it. Oh well.

*So cause I lasted a week I am going to see if I can last until P's b-day, however if there is a really stressful day and I feel I need a shot to calm it down then I'll do just that.

*I hung out with Stu for a few hours today...Poor guy. I would hate to have my tounsils removed around this age. He can barely ate anything...

*Transitioning from a huge ass van known as the beast and my car is an expereinece I will never forget.

*Driving my boss' truck is a wonderful feeling... I might have mentioned that before. The feeling is too video game a grnad theft feeling.

Okay and now I'll talk about my long ass day on Saturday. The morning started at 8 for me and didn't end until 3 in the morning until the next day. Apparently I was asked to chaperone a group of tawainese kids to Universal Studios and I knew it would be good times. Especially because Todd was coming too. Well when I arrived to meet the group I realized I knew many of the aspects and thought it would be a group I could trust...Well I was wrong, but I'll get to that later. Anyway when we arrrive at Universal Studios I explained to the groups some meeting times and were we should meet and gave out myu number just in case...Then I said have fun and we all broke off. Of course Todd and me knew exactly what we were going to do. We saw a sing that said All you can eat in the park for 20 bucks...Yeah we jumped on that immediately and after every ride we wouyld eat. I do think we gained about five puinds each that day. Anyway, we hit up everything and had a blast especially laughing our asses out at Van Hesling. I mean seeing people sreaming is sometimes funnier then a joke. (thats not wrong is it) Anyway the day felt like it was going pretty slow until we hit up waterworld. Now that show is excellent and the writers were brilliant. Apparently the bad guyts are called the SMokers and offer people smokes. (hahaha) Besiudes that...Todd and I decided to liven things up and try out for fear factor. So the tryouts were itneresting and there 12 of us and half of us made it. As for why they picked me over Todd...I really have no clue. But the result was beautiful. I got to hang out with the only girl picked and she was roughly around my age and the other guys didn't have a chance. All I gotta say is I love aggressive girls.Anyway after we were all picked, they made us say something dumb in front of a camera and it was supposed to be why we should win. Of course saying "I'm hear to proove I'm not scared" is not enough, so I said soemthing dumb. Oh well...After being video taped they made us try on these fun tight spandex colors that looked like we were supposed to be on American gladiators and then it had a quick sudden change...They made us wear about 10 pounds of equipment, which Belthazar claimed looked like a giant sex toy. Well after we had much gay talk about ths uits we met the hosts and of course the host had to be named Adam and said don't let other adams down. That fucker...He put a lot of pressure on me. hahaha. Umm. So the first elimination round was breing relased from a platform 60 feet from the air and holding on a bar. Whichever 4 could hold on the longest moves on till the next round. Sadly the police guy fell after five seconds and the other guy after 20. SO of course the rest of could go on, but we really curious how long we could hold. I ended up lasting the second longest around a minute. Oh and my free fall to the ground was slightly embarrisising. I kinda di the peace sign with my hadns. I blame Aspect. SO the next round was fucking hard. We had to wear more gear and have our arms tide up a huge metal pole and spin around 20 times until we were relaeased. Well after 12 spins I tripped and felt horribly sick. BUt I contuinbed and got released about the same time as everyone else. Then we had to move across a moving stage and doge some obstacles and then grab flags from a tub of electic eels and then place them on a center revolving obstalce couyrse where ouyr certain number was. Yeah... So I wished I knew how to lock on the flags beecause it ook me awhile to figure that out. (they shoulda showed us how earlier...errrr.. . damn suprises) Well then after Igot one flag on I lost control and almost dive bombed off the set because of how slippery everything was. Yeah embarress myself in front of 2000 people was not my goal so it didn't happen. But next tiime I grabbed a flag I grabbed some eels and they shocked me. THose fuckers. It kinda put me back a bit and affter I got my flags finished with, we had to drink this horrible concocktion that the producers thought of...SOur milk, fish guts, meal worms, cockroaches, nuts, some more insects...Seemed great, but I was too slow to get over to it and the other two drank it and won. Oh well... At least Janielle got second. THe final opstacle was spinning a wheel which generated electicity and it was painful or so they told me. Anyway after the show we were all given a free soda (those bastards...thats all they gave us as a gift for contestants) but they did give first place, 6 tickets to the park, a shirt, and a front of a line pass fdor the rest of the day. Fun stuff. Yeah well after that I joined up with some of my group and thats when we really started to have a blast. Oh and then I met this french girl and she was great to ahng out with. Always laughing and smiling. I do wonder how much english she understood. Anyway she got sick when night hit so I gaver her my extra shirt... So yeah more good times and then I did one of those test your strentghs and hit a piece of metal with a hammer. It was one of those rigged things, but people did suck. As for me I had no cash, so I had to dance in front of 20 people to get to do it. hahahaha. Chappelle was wrong...WHite people can't dance. Then later there were problems. My group at the final meeting palce was missing four girls...Errr. I still have no clue where they were, but it was trouble. THe bus driver kept on wanting to leave and we did end up leaving 35 miunutes later then scheduled. The worst part was that some aspects spilled drinks on the bus and that made the bus driver steamed. Yeah, but good tiems and then we got back around 10:30 and just waited it out until eveyrone left. When everyone left Todd and I took the french girl home and then decided it was time to celebrate the night with a bottle of 2.50 champagane. hahaha. THis included seeing Enemy at the Gates. Oh and I did buy TOdd a handle of booze for helping me out. SO yeah all and all a long day and hopefully I'll be having another fun day like it before school starts. As for dumb drama about my house in whittier...So the people have been evicted and should have left and at the latest by mondaym but these hilbillies think if they go to court they can stay longer. Oh those fuckers. This might change me not being able to move in on the first. If this happens I hope Todd, Bobby, and Jenny won't mind letting me crash at their place for a few days. Okay that is all.


P.S. Today was a relaxing day.
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