Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

In the last few weeks:

I've gone to Universal Studios and tried out for Fear Factor again...didn't make it because of my cut on my hand. Did enjoy City walk a lot though and a lots changed to it in the last year.

Went to Santa Monica Beach and had a great time. Especially finidng a random CHinese food place.

Started to move everyhtng in my house and now my room is almost perfect.

Soon the house will be ready for the big party.

My mom is selling her house and we got one three times bigger. DOn't know why though. Its not like she needs it.

Had a great relationshp for two weeks, but then she had to go back home...SHe was by far the best suedo girlfriend I've hever had. Oh and I'll never forget the time I saved her and some girls from being harassed from these creepy guys, or when she got me sick, or how she built my bed for me. What a girl. I even taught her many things and I love teaching people how to bowl and she became a natural.

Had a whole lot of rootbeer and am told that Franks is better than Henry Weinarts...I just don't know about that one.

Had a big labor day party where I was being set up to date jewish girls...Weird people I say. Jewish moms that is.Always trying to push their daughters on someone.

Oh bonded with my dad some more and apparently he is looseing up a lot. Like he is okay that my brother is geting completyl trashed almost every night and that he uses my i.d. Maybe I helped by being such an extreme.

Got promoted I think... I help out with activities at Aspect, which is extremly tiring and I get a whole lot less of hours. Fun though and I get to decide what I do on the wekeends for trips and get payed sometimes for them.

Oh this is a big one...

The Beast died on me last tuesday on my drive down to Freds and hangint out with the friends. Scary shit...It went from 65 to no more then 25-30 for the longest times. Luckily Paton helped me out and I was able to push it to 40. Still took me four hours to get to my dads and not to mention getting lost in crenshaw was a blast... Fudgin scary suv guy...

Ummm... I guess thats it.

P.S> Helping my sis find a place to live.
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