Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

What happened...

*I was told by a random bum on the street, who was trying to read

me....that I have no love in my life and I need to find what I lost... But I can't

seem to let it happen. So fuck... Its like I'm an easy book to read. Seriosly, I

don't know what to think anymore. How can i ignore what I feel and be happy with it.

Damn emotions and damn good natured personality.

Anywho the weekend went by too fast. First off on friday night we had a kickback at the house, which turned into a party and cops. The cops were cool though and didn't even give us a warning, but I bet they wanted to join us. I love our neighbors. Then the next day consisted me of having 2 hours of sleep and taking aspects all over L.A. and Hollywood. Oh and Rodeo drive is way too classy for me at any point of my life. (ramblings with no connections...priceless) I guess the highlight of that day was tralking to another bum who had his b-day and was extrmely happy we talked to him and sang him happy b-day. What other big events...In Hollywood I almost drove off a cliff, but I don't want to get into that. I hate that 15 person van. Later that night though, my friends from all over came to whittier and joined for our party at the school and I was all pimped out in my little suit. My brother would be proud. Then after some great food and music we hit up the house again for a private invite only party. It did suck turning people away, but I guess it makes a cooler factor to a party. Oh and the girls who were over were beautiful and I think we even have some usuals now that will never leave until four or five in the morning. (a few palmers)

As for today being Septermber 11th...Lets just say not a good day for me. A car backed in the van but no damage done to the van, but the poor stoned guy got his back of his car crushed. ANyway I need to study some french, so I'll cya all later.

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