Adam Princenthal (monkeyballer) wrote,
Adam Princenthal

I need to stop time

So time is going faster than I want to for my senior year. Already its four weeks into it and I feel like its already over. Because my status of living off campus and with most alumni and working between 20-40 hours a week... I feel like alumni. Except more alone. Thats besides the point. There have been great highlights of these last few weeks and some unforgettable nights.(some highlights)

*Going to Vegas wit Aspect and Nicole.

*Sneaking into a chapel around 3 in the morning to take wedding pictures for future april fools jokes to the parents.

*Gambling on gigantic slot machines.

*Almost getting into an accident going somewhere around 95 miles per hour in a van that shouldn't bea ble to hit 80... Not my fault...

*Going to disneyland with Carlos was a huge plus, but I think I wrote that in my last blog.

*Trying to mix tennis with french...not working to well.

*I am learning how to write scripts and soon mine will be ready.

*Got nominated for Homecoming King...That could turn out to be interesting.

*Had P's 21st b-day at my house and it was incredible. Exactly how I thought he should have it. There were the favoirte drinks, hukkah, karokee, and tons of beautiful women.

* Learned to cook some new things... (women if you buy food and bring it over... I might just make it)

*I am completely settled in my house and am appreciating the netflix that arrives right on time. (Any suggestions for my next flix)

* Debating taking the GRE's

* Appreciating being on Sebatical, but miss having someone...

* Appreciating life and being sober. (It seems guys...that I have lost my taste for the booze and rarely have it now and then. Tear... I guess I ain't an alcoholic.)

*A few jew holidays coming up...Kinda scared to see the family again. I hope they don't bring up ex's and why I'm such a failure in life...I mean I guess I can respond with something like "The best way to learn is to fuck up."

*Erotic City is coming up and it will glorious. I'm thinking its October 8th and there will be a party at the Penns. 5 bucks which will include food, drinks, and maybe jello wrestling. VIP only though.

* I'm beginning to miss my old friends more and more and I hope I Can see them soon. I feel so nostalgic right now. God where is Humphrey Bogart when you need him.

*I feel that I'm at peace with myself finally, but I have to get over that lonely feeling. Besides that everything is groovy.

Okay and that was my rant about things that have been going on. As for this weekend...Well I'll be meeting a lot of alumni and hosting a booth for the Penns, which we consits of having people by candy from us and the proceeds will go to the victims of hurricane katrina. And now time for a power nap. Oh and yeah...hope all is well with everyone.


P.S. Life is full of meaningless activities, but hopefully I'll be able to find one that motivates me.
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